Wallis and Futuna Country Code +681

+681 Country Calling Code
2 Digit ISO
3 Digit ISO

How to call Wallis and Futuna

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  • Lat/Long
    • -13° 57' S / -99° 60' W
  • Currency
    • Franc
  • Languages
    • Wallisian (indigenous Polynesian language) 58.9%, Futunian 30.1%, French (official) 10.8%, other 0.2% (2003 census)
  • Electricity



    • Capital
      • Mata Utu
    • Population
      • 16,025
    • Area
      • 274
    • gdp
      • -
    • telephones
      • -
    • mobile phones
      • -
    • internet hosts
      • 2,760
    • internet users
      • 1,300
    Local TimeTime Zone

    Mata Utu
    Daylight Saving Time
    not applicable
    21°C light rain
    Mata Utu , Wallis and Futuna
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    About Wallis and Futuna


    GlobalCountryCode.org is your comprehensive resource to help you make calls anywhere across the globe. This page shows how to dial Wallis and Futuna.

    The Wallis and Futuna international dial code is 681. Use the Wallis and Futuna area code 681 before the number you want to dial. When dialing from Wallis and Futuna to another country, you will need to use the International Direct Dialing code (IDD) 19 followed by the international number you want to dial.

    The Wallis and Futuna dial code table below shows the local Wallis and Futuna area codes by city. When dialing any Wallis and Futuna city, use the Wallis and Futuna country code (681) followed by the city’s area code.

    Wallis and Futuna NATIONAL CODES


    Wallis and Futuna CITY CODES