What is a Vanity Number?

A vanity number is a cellphone number — usually a toll-free number — whose corresponding letters on the alpha-numeric phone keypad spell the title of enterprise, a service, a product or an acronym. Companies select them as a result of they're simpler for patrons to recollect, they assist with branding, they generate extra calls and so they're simpler to promote. When a enterprise has a self-importance number, it additionally gives the look of credibility.

Whole Recall

An arrogance number is simpler to recollect than 10 arbitrary digits. Individuals can recall a phrase a lot simpler than a sequence of numbers. This is particularly useful when potential prospects aren't in a place to write down the number down. Promoting on radio and billboards have confirmed to be particularly efficient after they embrace a self-importance number.

Model Title

An arrogance number can do extra than simply enhance an promoting marketing campaign. It could have a direct and rapid affect on branding. 1-800-FLOWERS was one of many first corporations to comprehend that with a self-importance number, a enterprise's cellphone number can change into its title, its model and essentially the most acquainted side of its public picture. An arrogance number prices not more than another toll-free number, however it could possibly have an infinite affect on a enterprise's promoting and advertising and marketing campaigns. An arrogance number can be utilized together with your present number. Run two advert campaigns — one with a self-importance number and one with the number you've got now — and see which one generates extra calls.